Conference: Sheffield Conference on Cheminformatics 2016

Seventh Joint Sheffield Conference on Cheminformatics, Sheffield, UK George Papadatos (European Bioinformatics Institute) gave a presentation: Mining compounds, targets and indications from the patent corpus with SureChEMBL and Open PHACTS

Webinar: SureChEMBL Patent Annotations in Open PHACTS

George Papadatos (EMBL-EBI) gives an overview of the SureChEMBL data integration with the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, focussing on practical details of use cases and business questions that can be answered with the combination of the Open PHACTS API and workflow tools. Watch webinar video | View webinar slides

Conference: KNIME Spring Summit 2016

KNIME Spring Summit 2016, Berlin, Germany Daniela Digles (University of Vienna) presented Creating workflows for drug-discovery with Open PHACTS and KNIME, and George Papadatos (EMBL-EBI) presented Leveraging Open Chemogenomics Data and Tools with KNIME

Conference: SWAT4LS 2015

SWAT4LS International Conference 2015, Cambridge, UK Anna Gaulton (European Bioinformatics Institute) presented a poster: Semantic-Web Access to Patent Annotations Alasdair Gray (Heriot-Watt University) gave a presentation: Validata: An online tool for testing RDF data conformance Ryan Miller (Maastricht University) presented a poster: Where do you go from here? Semantics of directions in biological pathways Núria Queralt-Rosinach (IMIM) gave a Read more about Conference: SWAT4LS 2015[…]

Biological annotations in SureChEMBL

Biological patent annotations are now displayed on the SureChEMBL interface. In collaboration with Open PHACTS and SciBite, the EBI have implemented a mechanism to allow users to highlight biological entities (such as genes and diseases) within SureChEMBL patent documents. For more information see the SureChEMBL blog. This is a first step towards full integration of patent information into the Read more about Biological annotations in SureChEMBL[…]

Open PHACTS endorses Data Citation

The Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles is the culmination of work by the Data Citation Synthesis Group of Force11, made up of a range of organisations including Creative Commons, the EBI and CERN. Open PHACTS endorses this set of principles which encourages data to be cited as an important part of the research lifecycle.

New source of open chemistry patent data available

A major new source of open patent chemistry is now available, thanks to the collaboration between Digital Science and the EBI ChEMBL group. We are discussing how this data might be integrated with Open PHACTS and look forward to developing use cases in 2014.

ChEMBL RDF Workshop held

The ChEMBL database is one of the most important sources of open drug discovery data and is a key part of linked data in the biomedical domain. Last week members of the Open PHACTS team, which includes the ChEMBL group, met at the EBI in Cambridge for a 2 day workshop to discuss the next Read more about ChEMBL RDF Workshop held[…]

Press Release: Five new partners join Open PHACTS

(PDFThe Open PHACTS consortium is pleased to announce that ConnectedDiscovery, the European Bioinformatics Institute, Janssen, the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre, and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics have joined the project as new consortium members.

The addition of these partners – bringing together respected drug discovery and bioinformatics expertise from academic institutions, a small start-up, and an EFPIA company – demonstrates the progress and promise of this project as it nears its halfway point.