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– Supporting researchers involved in integration and making of interoperable biomedical data from public and private sources

– Sharing of best practice, use of FAIR data principles & management systems

Featured work - Project Celebration 5 yrs of delivery

OPF has a transformative vision for a truly integrated approach to healthcare and drug discovery based on over a decade of outstanding research and development
David Wild
CEO Data2Discovery
Prof of DataSciences, IU Bloomington, USA
"Provided excellent opportunities to network and exchange with experts in the field, learning about the practical processes as well as the theory"
Derek Marren
Board Member & IT Professional
Strategy, Informatics systems & Data
As part of the original project, was able to build extensive network of people and friends that have endured to this day and still happily involved.
Chris Evelo
Head of the Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT at Maastricht University

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Latest News

The Rise from the Ashes …..

As the Open PHACTS FOUNDATION rises from the ashes of the IMI OpenPHACTs Project marking the point where all the learning and collaborators continue the working in there individual arenas BUT wait, what about Sustaining this body of learning and pre-competative knowledge network – Enter, the Open PHACTS FOUNDATION –…

Open PHACTS Platform Update March 2019

Over the last 7 years the Open PHACTS platform has brought a highly curated linked view of life sciences data together with the API, tools and wider ecosystem of applications to harness this data in your projects. The platform was initially developed as part of an IMI project by the Open PHACTS consortium involving a range of members including…

Webinar: Workflow tools for Life Science Research: Where next?

Our Science and Open PHACTS webinar series returns this coming Monday, 24 April with a session on the future of drug discovery workflow tools. Webinar: Workflow tools for Life Science Research: Where Next? Date: Monday, 24 April, 2017 Time: 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) Registration: Free – register now online Workflow tools have become tremendously useful…

Press Release: Open PHACTS and Data2Discovery Announce Strategic Partnership to Collaborate

(PDF) Cambridge, UK – The Open PHACTS Foundation is pleased to formally announce our new Strategic Partnership with Data2Discovery Inc.

Open PHACTS and Big Data Europe: Second community workshop

Last week we held the second Big Data Europe community workshop for societal challenge 1 (Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing) in Brussels, Belgium. After demonstrating the progress that has been made translating the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform to Big Data Europe’s architecture, we engaged in a lively roundtable discussion about how the Platform…

Open PHACTS Strategy and Hosting update Nov 2016

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