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Open PHACTS has always worked with a broad community of collaborators. From the original Open PHACTS consortium to our current Members and partners, our focus has always been on building data solutions that work for everyone in the drug discovery community, from academia to industry.


In April 2017 we announced our key strategic partnership with Data2Discovery, the Lead Technology Innovator in development of the Open PHACTS platform.

Data2Discovery Inc. is pioneering a transformative new big data approach to understanding and treating disease, by connecting together data in ways never tried before, and creating new keys to effective disease treatment. By linking diverse datasets from molecule to genome to patient, and applying machine learning algorithms, they uncover hidden connections and new insights.

Data2Discovery and the Open PHACTS Foundation share a vision of a future where linked data will be a fundamental part of drug discovery research. We are excited to combine our domain expertise and talents to continue improving the Open PHACTS datasets and architecture.

Open PHACTS Members

Our Members sustain the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform; without them, none of this would be possible. Our current members represent the needs of both industry and academia in the drug discovery research landscape.

Interested in becoming a Member? Get in touch!

Board of Directors

The Open PHACTS Foundation Board is comprised of representatives of Foundation Partners and Members. The Board meets regularly to guide the work of the Foundation, considering which datasets to target for integration, which features to build, and making other key decisions about the future of Open PHACTS.

Gerhard Ecker

Head of Pharmacoinformatics Research, University of Vienna

Chris Evelo

Professor of Bioinformatics, Maastricht University

Derek Marren

Director, Research IT, Eli Lilly & Company

David Wild

Founder and President, Data2Discovery