Webinar: Computational Protocols for in silico Target Validation

Edgar Jacoby (Janssen) discusses computational protocols for in silico target validation, and “knowing the knowns” in phenotypic screening. Watch webinar video | View webinar slides

Webinar: Target Validation Protocols

Now that the Open PHACTS project is complete, we’re opening our regular discussions about using Open PHACTS for science up to the whole community, with a series of free monthly webinars. Our next webinar will be about how the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform can be used for in silico target validation….

Linking Life Science Data: Design to Implementation, and Beyond

Open PHACTS project closing conference (Vienna, Austria)

Poster: Assessing multi target SAR by using pharmacological and pathway data from the public domain

Gordon Research Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design, West Dover, USA View poster

Open PHACTS Phenotypic Screening Workshop

Understanding the knowledge management needs of phenotypic screening (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Publication: The Application of the Open Pharmacological Concepts Triple Store (Open PHACTS) to Support Drug Discovery Research

Integration of open access, curated, high-quality information from multiple disciplines in the Life and Biomedical Sciences provides a holistic understanding of the domain. Additionally, the effective linking of diverse data sources can unearth hidden relationships and guide potential research strategies. However, given the lack of consistency between descriptors and identifiers…

Publication: Scientific requirements for the next generation semantic web-based chemogenomics and systems chemical biology molecular information system OPS

This book focuses on applications of compound library design and virtual screening to expand the bioactive chemical space, to target hopping of chemotypes to identify synergies within related drug discovery projects or to repurpose known drugs, to propose mechanism of action of compounds, or to identify off-target effects by cross-reactivity…

Publication: Scientific competency questions as the basis for semantically enriched open pharmacological space development

Molecular information systems play an important part in modern data-driven drug discovery. They do not only support decision making but also enable new discoveries via association and inference. In this review, we outline the scientific requirements identified by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Open PHACTS consortium for the design of…