Conference: Sheffield Conference on Cheminformatics 2016

Seventh Joint Sheffield Conference on Cheminformatics, Sheffield, UK George Papadatos (European Bioinformatics Institute) gave a presentation: Mining compounds, targets and indications from the patent corpus with SureChEMBL and Open PHACTS

Conference: 251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition

251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, USA Herman van Vlijmen (Janssen) gave a presentation: Open PHACTS: Semantic interoperability for drug discovery Valery Tkachenko (Royal Society of Chemistry) gave a presentation: Implementing chemistry platform for Open PHACTS: Lessons learned Anna Gaulton (EMBL-EBI) gave a presentation: Representation of drug discovery knowledge in the ChEMBL and SureChEMBL databases

Conference: KNIME Spring Summit 2016

KNIME Spring Summit 2016, Berlin, Germany Daniela Digles (University of Vienna) presented Creating workflows for drug-discovery with Open PHACTS and KNIME, and George Papadatos (EMBL-EBI) presented Leveraging Open Chemogenomics Data and Tools with KNIME

Conference: SWAT4LS 2015

SWAT4LS International Conference 2015, Cambridge, UK Anna Gaulton (European Bioinformatics Institute) presented a poster: Semantic-Web Access to Patent Annotations Alasdair Gray (Heriot-Watt University) gave a presentation: Validata: An online tool for testing RDF data conformance Ryan Miller (Maastricht University) presented a poster: Where do you go from here? Semantics of directions in biological pathways Núria Queralt-Rosinach (IMIM) gave a Read more about Conference: SWAT4LS 2015[…]

Conference: 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Boston, USA Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry) gave a presentation: Workflow-based data integration for drug discovery Gerhard Ecker (University of Vienna) gave a presentation: Topliss batchwise scheme reviewed in the era of Open Data George Papadatos (EMBL-EBI) gave a presentation: SureChEMBL: An open patent chemistry resource