Poster: Semantic-Web Access to Patent Annotations

SWAT4LS International Conference 2015, Cambridge, UK View poster

Publication: Scientific Lenses to Support Multiple Views over Linked Chemistry Data

When are two entries about a small molecule in different datasets the same? If they have the same drug name, chemical structure, or some other criteria? The choice depends upon the application to which the data will be put. However, existing Linked Data approaches provide a single global view over…

Conference: Bio-Assay Ontology Workshop

Open PHACTS Bio-Assay Ontology Workshop, Miami, USA Anna Gaulton (EMBL-EBI) gave a presentation: ChEMBL bioassay data – Classification and data Exchange Mark Davies (EMBL-EBI) gave a presentation: ChEBML-RDF

Presentation: ChEMBL-RDF

Open PHACTS Bio-Assay Ontology Workshop, Miami, USA Mark Davies (EMBL-EBI) View presentation