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2nd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

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2nd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

Working with Open PHACTS (London, UK)

On 16-17 April 2012 the Second Open PHACTS Community Workshop was held at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s┬áChemistry Centre, Burlington House, London. This workshop provided an understanding of the scientific and technical background to Open PHACTS, featured the current status, and gave the opportunity to discuss particular issues around data integration, licensing and sustainability with new consortium members, other database hosts (public and commercial) and publishers.

The audience included representatives from ChEMBL, ChEBI, IUPHAR-DB, Elsevier, Thomson-Reuters, Springer, ChemistryCentral, NPG, Selventa, Syngenta, Aureus Sciences, Janssen and Harvard Medical School, and their attendance made the workshop a great success!


Background and current status of the Open PHACTS Project:

Industry Perspective (Bryn Williams-Jones, Connected Discovery)

Academic Perspective (Gerhard Ecker, University of Vienna)

The Semantic Web & the Emerging Role of Nanopublications (Barend Mons, LUMC)

Open PHACTS: The First Year (Richard Kidd, Royal Society of Chemistry)

How to get involved (Richard Kidd, Royal Society of Chemistry)

Interaction with public databases:

Presentation of ChEMBL (John Overington, EBI)

The IUPHAR database (Anthony Harmar, IUPHAR-DB)

Interaction with open access and commercial publishers:

Open PHACTS and commercial data (Stefan Senger, GlaxoSmithKline)

Nanopublications (Jan Velterop, AQnowledge)

Open PHACTS Data (Anthony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Christine Chichester, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

Sustainability of Open PHACTS (Barend Mons, LUMC)


Summary of the Workshop

Agenda and Attendees

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