ChemBioNavigator Webinar

ChemBioNavigator is a web application that was specifically designed to visualise the small-molecule and pharmacological data integrated by Open PHACTS. Last week BioSolveIT hosted a webinar showing how ChemBioNavigator can be used to: discover new target-compound interactions identify multi-target as well as target-specific compound sets retrieve small-molecule data from a variety of web resources search by Read more about ChemBioNavigator Webinar[…]

6th Open PHACTS Community Workshop

The 6th Open PHACTS Community Workshop will be held in London on 26 June 2014 and aims to introduce members of the academic community to the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.

The workshop is free to attend, please register your interest by contacting

The workshop will be of interest to:

  • Researchers who would benefit from directly querying the Open PHACTS API using scripting languages or by developing applications to consume the data.
  • Lecturers & Principal Investigators who can use the Open PHACTS application ecosystem to access the data within the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.


ChemBioNavigator updated

We are pleased to announce that a major update of ChemBioNavigator, jointly developed by the University of Hamburg and BioSolveIT, has just been released. Among many other new features, the latest version offers the ability to use a target as a starting point and enhanced pharmacological data functionality. Please take a look at

Press Release: Open PHACTS Community Workshop: “Using the power of Open PHACTS”

(PDF) London, UK – The Open PHACTS Community Workshop was held at Burlington House in London on April 22 and 23, 2013. The workshop was intended to feature the public release of the Open PHACTS API and the first Open PHACTS example apps, ChemBioNavigator and PharmaTrek. The event was also held to outline the project sustainability Read more about Press Release: Open PHACTS Community Workshop: “Using the power of Open PHACTS”[…]

Open PHACTS Newsletter 2

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ChemBioNavigator launched

We are proud to announce that ChemBioNavigator, one of the Example Applications developed within the project, has been launched. Try out ChemBioNavigator now ChemBioNavigator allows the user to visualise the chemical and biological space of a molecule group in a chemically-aware manner. The physicochemical properties of molecular groups can be plotted against each other and each individual Read more about ChemBioNavigator launched[…]