Collector released

We are pleased to announce that Collector, developed by PSMAR (Parc de Salut Mar Barcelona) is officially released. Collector uses data from the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform and the eTOX project to build QSAR predictive models. The tool features a flexible collection of filters for selecting the target, the biological data ranges and the physicochemical properties Read more about Collector released[…]

Target Dossier released

It is our pleasure to announce the official release of Target Dossier, one of the Example Applications developed within the Open PHACTS project. The Target Dossier uses the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform to answer questions of tissue expression profiles, druggability, pathways and physiological mechanisms. Drug targets can be selected and further investigated. Try it out now

GARField launched

We are proud to announce the launch of GARField, one of the example applications developed within Open PHACTS. GARField is an abbreviation for Graph-Activity-Relationship visualization Field and is a realisation of the Open PHACTS “Polypharmacology Browser”. It can be used to browse data in the Open PHACTS platform, with the main focus on enabling the user to explore interactions between Read more about GARField launched[…]

Invitation to Open PHACTS training event

We kindly invite you to the Open PHACTS training event on 19–20 September, 2013, linked to the Vienna Summer School for drug design which takes place from 15–20 September, 2013. The Open PHACTS training event will start on Thursday at 14:00 with a talk giving an overview on the power of Open PHACTS, followed by Read more about Invitation to Open PHACTS training event[…]

ChemBioNavigator launched

We are proud to announce that ChemBioNavigator, one of the Example Applications developed within the project, has been launched. Try out ChemBioNavigator now ChemBioNavigator allows the user to visualise the chemical and biological space of a molecule group in a chemically-aware manner. The physicochemical properties of molecular groups can be plotted against each other and each individual Read more about ChemBioNavigator launched[…]