Publication: Nanopublication Guidelines

This document describes the structure of nanopublications and offers guidelines in their composition, implementation and use. It was produced by members of the Concept Web Alliance (CWA), an open collaborative community that is actively addressing the challenges associated with the production, management, interoperability and analysis of unprecedented volumes of data….

3rd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

Introducing Open PHACTS (Vienna, Austria) Co-located with the 19th EuroQSAR conference

Announcing Open PHACTS Workshop at EuroQSAR 2012

EuroQSAR 2012 in Vienna Open PHACTS Workshop “Introducing Open PHACTS” Thursday 30 August, 13:30-14:45 Presenters : L. Harland, P. Groth, C. Lemmen, L. Wich, J. Mestres, V. de la Torre This workshop will publicly present the first results of the IMI project Open PHACTS, which is producing an open, integrated…