6th Open PHACTS Community Workshop

The 6th Open PHACTS Community Workshop will be held in London on 26 June 2014 and aims to introduce members of the academic community to the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.

The workshop is free to attend, please register your interest by contacting london@openphactsfoundation.org.

The workshop will be of interest to:

  • Researchers who would benefit from directly querying the Open PHACTS API using scripting languages or by developing applications to consume the data.
  • Lecturers & Principal Investigators who can use the Open PHACTS application ecosystem to access the data within the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.

The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform is a freely accessible infrastructure that semantically integrates publically available data for applied life science R&D. The Platform provides a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) which allows application builders and researchers to query the integrated data using existing applications, to build new applications and to access the API using workflows tools (e.g. KNIME). Examples of such applications, which illustrate what can be achieved, include the Open PHACTS Explorer, ChemBioNavigator, and PharmaTrek.

The Community Workshop will introduce attendees to the Open PHACTS API and showcase how it can be used to create new or enhance existing applications. We will demonstrate, using real life use-cases, how universities can use the Open PHACTS API and associated tools for teaching and research in drug discovery.

Find full information about the workshop here.