Webinar: Integrating data with Open PHACTS: Private and Public

Jean-Marc Neefs (Janssen) and Luca Bartek (University of Strathclyde) demonstrate how integrating data with the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform helps meet business needs to query combined public and private datasets, as well as supporting further linked data analysis through resources such as Wikidata. Watch webinar video

Webinar: Integrating data with Open PHACTS: Private and Public

Since completion of the Open PHACTS project, we’ve opened up our regular discussions about using Open PHACTS for science to the whole community, with a series of free monthly webinars. Our next webinar will be about how integrating private data and public Wikidata with Open PHACTS opens up new business question opportunities….

Linking Life Science Data: Design to Implementation, and Beyond

Open PHACTS project closing conference (Vienna, Austria)

Publication: The Application of the Open Pharmacological Concepts Triple Store (Open PHACTS) to Support Drug Discovery Research

Integration of open access, curated, high-quality information from multiple disciplines in the Life and Biomedical Sciences provides a holistic understanding of the domain. Additionally, the effective linking of diverse data sources can unearth hidden relationships and guide potential research strategies. However, given the lack of consistency between descriptors and identifiers…