Publication: Using the Semantic Web for Rapid Integration of WikiPathways with Other Biological Online Data Resources

The diversity of online resources storing biological data in different formats provides a challenge for bioinformaticians to integrate and analyse their biological data. The semantic web provides a standard to facilitate knowledge integration using statements built as triples describing a relation between two objects. WikiPathways, an online collaborative pathway resource,…

Publication: WikiPathways: capturing the full diversity of pathway knowledge

WikiPathways ( is an open, collaborative platform for capturing and disseminating models of biological pathways for data visualization and analysis. Since our last NAR update, 4 years ago, WikiPathways has experienced massive growth in content, which continues to be contributed by hundreds of individuals each year. New aspects of the…

Conference: HARMONY 2015

HARMONY 2015, Wittenberg, Germany Ryan Miller (Maastricht University) presented a poster: Biological Interactions Types for WikiPathways 

Conference: Life Science Technology Event

Life Science Technology Event 2013, Leiden, the Netherlands Chris Evelo (Maastricht University) gave a presentation: WikiPathways: how open source code and open data can make omics technology more useful