Open PHACTS Newsletter 4

Contents: The Open PHACTS Foundation has joined the project Open PHACTS API Usage Students create novel applications to use the Open PHACTS API Supporting Other Initiatives GARField and Target Dossier launched Collector released Open PHACTS user support portal 5th Community Workshop: Shaping the future of Open PHACTS New Version of…

GARField launched

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We are proud to announce the launch of GARField, one of the example applications developed within Open PHACTS. GARField is an abbreviation for Graph-Activity-Relationship visualization Field and is a realisation of the Open PHACTS “Polypharmacology Browser”. It can be used to browse data in the Open PHACTS platform, with the main focus on enabling the…

Poster: Open PHACTS Examplars: Using the Open PHACTS Platform API

19th EuroQSAR, Knowledge Enabled Ligand Design, Vienna, Austria View poster

3rd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

Introducing Open PHACTS (Vienna, Austria) Co-located with the 19th EuroQSAR conference