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3rd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

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3rd Open PHACTS Community Workshop

Introducing Open PHACTS (Vienna, Austria)

Co-located with the 19th EuroQSAR conference

On August 30, 2012 the 3rd Open PHACTS Community Workshop “Introducing Open PHACTS” was held in Vienna, co-located with the 19th EuroQSAR conference, where the Open PHACTS consortium publicly presented the upcoming public Beta releases from the Open PHACTS project. The workshop introduced the technical and scientific approaches driving the project and demonstrated the web-based Explorer interface to the underlying Open PHACTS platform, built to answer specific research questions prioritised by the consortium. Additionally, four Open PHACTS exemplar applications that represent specialized interfaces were introduced. The example applications are being developed by consortium members, sit on top of the Open PHACTS platform and aim to address specific needs in the field of drug discovery.

The workshop was attended by 65 scientists, comprising representatives of software vendors (Inte:Ligand, OpenEye, ChemAxon, Tripos, Accelrys), participants of the EuroQSAR, as well as members of the Open PHACTS consortium. The Open PHACTS Explorer as well as 2 of the example applications were presented in a live demo. For in-depth discussions, Open PHACTS was also present with an exhibition booth throughout the EuroQSAR conference.


Introducing Open PHACTS (Bryn Williams-Jones)

The Open PHACTS Infrastructure (Lee Harland)

The Open PHACTS Explorer (Lee Harland and Paul Groth)

Open PHACTS Example Applications

  • PharmaTrek (Jordi Mestres)
  • GARField (Louis Wich)
  • Target Dossier (Victor de la Torre)
  • ChemBioNavigator (Christian Lemmen)

Discussion and Feedback



Summary of the Workshop

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