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Publication: Nanopublication Guidelines

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Publication: Nanopublication Guidelines

This document describes the structure of nanopublications and offers guidelines in their composition, implementation and use. It was produced by members of the Concept Web Alliance (CWA), an open collaborative community that is actively addressing the challenges associated with the production, management, interoperability and analysis of unprecedented volumes of data.

Paul Groth, Erik Schultes, Mark Thompson, Zuotian Tatum, Michel Dumontier, Alasdair J G Gray, Christine Chichester, Kees Burger, Spyros Kotoulas, Antonis Loizou, Valery Tkachenko, Andra Waagmeester, Sune Askjaer, Steve Pettifer, Lee Harland, Carina Haupt, Colin Batchelor, Miguel Vazquez, José María Fernández, Jahn Saito, Andrew Gibson, Louis Wich, Tobias Kuhn, Jesse van Dam

Full publication: Concept Web Alliance Working Draft 15 December 2013

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