Publication: Scientific Lenses to Support Multiple Views over Linked Chemistry Data

When are two entries about a small molecule in different datasets the same? If they have the same drug name, chemical structure, or some other criteria? The choice depends upon the application to which the data will be put. However, existing Linked Data approaches provide a single global view over…

Publication: Applying Linked Data Approaches to Pharmacology: Architectural Decisions and Implementation

The discovery of new medicines requires pharmacologists to interact with a number of information sources ranging from tabular data to scientific papers, and other specialized formats. In this application report, we describe a linked data platform for integrating multiple pharmacology datasets that form the basis for several drug discovery applications….

Publication: Nanopublication Guidelines

This document describes the structure of nanopublications and offers guidelines in their composition, implementation and use. It was produced by members of the Concept Web Alliance (CWA), an open collaborative community that is actively addressing the challenges associated with the production, management, interoperability and analysis of unprecedented volumes of data….

Award-winning Open PHACTS publications

Open PHACTS publications won the top two best paper awards at SWAT4LS 2013: Computing Identity Co-Reference Across Drug Discovery Datasets (Christian Y.A. Brenninkmeijer, Ian Dunlop, Carole Goble, Alasdair J.G. Gray, Steve Pettifer and Robert Stevens) Nanopublications for exposing experimental data in the life-sciences: a Huntingtion’s Disease case study (Eleni Mina, Mark…

Publication: Computing Identity Co-Reference Across Drug Discovery Datasets

This paper presents the rules used within the Open PHACTS ( Identity Management Service to compute co-reference chains across multiple datasets. The web of (linked) data has encouraged a proliferation of identifiers for the concepts captured in datasets; with each dataset using their own identifier. A key data integration challenge…

Conference: COLD 2013

COLD 2013, Fourth International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data, Sydney, Australia Alasdair Gray (Heriot-Watt University) gave a presentation: Including Co-referent URIs in a SPARQL Query, and a full paper with the same title was submitted

Poster: Scientific Lenses: An Approach to Dynamically Vary the Relationships between Datasets

2013 ISMB/ECCB Conference, Berlin, Germany View poster

Publication: Scientific competency questions as the basis for semantically enriched open pharmacological space development

Molecular information systems play an important part in modern data-driven drug discovery. They do not only support decision making but also enable new discoveries via association and inference. In this review, we outline the scientific requirements identified by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Open PHACTS consortium for the design of…

Publication: Scientific Lenses over Linked Data: An approach to support task specific views of the data. A vision.

Within complex scientific domains such as pharmacology, operational equivalence between two concepts is often context-, user- and task-specific. Existing Linked Data integration procedures and equivalence services do not take the context and task of the user into account. We present a vision for enabling users to control the notion of operational…

Conference: 19th EuroQSAR 2012

19th EuroQSAR, Knowledge Enabled Ligand Design, Vienna, Austria Open PHACTS hosted a community workshop: Introducing Open PHACTS Mark Forster gave a presentation: Open Innovation Applied to Agrochemical Discovery Steve Pettifer gave a presentation: Utopia Documents Lee Harland gave a presentation: Open Drug Discovery Intelligence: Open PHACTS and SciBite Niklas Blomberg gave a…

Publication: The Pharmacology Workspace: A Platform for Drug Discovery

We present the Open PHACTS linked data platform that is being developed to address a set of example drug discovery research questions and which supports several drug discovery applications. The platform retrieves data from many complementary, but overlapping, data sources to present an integrated view of the data. The platform…

Conference: APE 2012

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APE 2012: Academic Publishing in Europe 7, Berlin, Germany Steve Pettifer (University of Manchester) held an innovation session: User-side semantic enrichment of scholarly content