Publication: Exploiting open data: a new era in pharmacoinformatics

Within the last decade open data concepts has been gaining increasing interest in the area of drug discovery. With the launch of ChEMBL and PubChem, an enormous amount of bioactivity data was made easily accessible to the public domain. In addition, platforms that semantically integrate those data, such as the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, permit Read more about Publication: Exploiting open data: a new era in pharmacoinformatics[…]

Publication: Open data for drug discovery: learning from the biological community

Drug discovery is undergoing a transformational change. Early-stage target identification, lead generation and optimization work is now undertaken in a much more diverse set of organizations, involving biotechnology companies and academia as well as large pharmaceutical companies. Anne Hersey, Stefan Senger, John Overington Full publication: Future Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 4, No. 15, Pages 1865–1867