Join Open PHACTS

Access to the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform and API (up to five developer accounts) will always be free, in line with the Foundation’s goals as a charity. However like any open system we rely on an engaged community to continue to meet users’ needs, and contributors to sustain our information infrastructure. We currently work with contributors from all areas of life science research.

If you are as excited as us about the opportunities that Open PHACTS offers, please contact us to get involved!

Open PHACTS Membership

Our members ensure the sustainability of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, and direct the development and strategy of the Open PHACTS Foundation. Membership benefits include:

Early access


Members have the opportunity to access and try out new releases before other users.



Members enjoy the prospect of Open PHACTS training opportunities.

Voting rights


Full members can nominate and vote for the Governing Board.

Technical support


Members receive prioritised technical support for the Open PHACTS API.

Prioritised API calls


To ensure you get the most out of the Open PHACTS API, members receive priority.

Full details about membership of the Foundation can be found in our Articles of Association. If you or your organisation are interested in Open PHACTS Foundation membership, please contact us to learn more.

Developing with Open PHACTS

We are always interested in new ideas for building on the Open PHACTS API, and helping developers however we can. Among our options for developers are:

  • API Subscriptions:
    For heavy users who would like enhanced security and support we offer Premium API Subscription packages.
  • Development Partnerships:
    For specific development work (e.g. new APIs, data, algorithms) we would be happy to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding regarding greater access to Open PHACTS infrastructure.

If you would like to discuss your opportunities as a developer, please contact us to learn more.

Community Involvement

We hold regular community workshops for people to learn more about Open PHACTS, contribute ideas, and help us understand the challenges currently facing life science researchers. These workshops are generally free to attend. For information about upcoming events see our events page, or sign up for the Open PHACTS Foundation newsletter.