Publication: Nanopublication Guidelines

This document describes the structure of nanopublications and offers guidelines in their composition, implementation and use. It was produced by members of the Concept Web Alliance (CWA), an open collaborative community that is actively addressing the challenges associated with the production, management, interoperability and analysis of unprecedented volumes of data….

Publication: Guidelines for exposing data as RDF in Open PHACTS

This is a “how to” guide for exposing your data in RDF in the Open PHACTS system. Carina Haupt, Andra Waagmeester, Marc Zimmerman, Egon Willighagen Full publication: Open PHACTS Working Draft 07 October 2013

Publication: Encoding units and unit types in RDF using QUDT

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This guideline describes how units for data are preferably encoded, setting a standard that can then be handled uniformly by data consumers. Egon Willighagen Full publication: Open PHACTS Working Draft 13 September 2013

New version of dataset description guidelines

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We are pleased to announce that a new version of the dataset description guidelines has just been published. The latest version, dated 12 September 2013, is available from The key goal of this revision was to simplify the description of datasets to make it is easier for providers to…

Publication: Dataset Descriptions for the Open Pharmacological Space

This is a specification for the metadata to described datasets, and the linksets that relate them, to enable their use within the Open PHACTS discovery platform. The specification defines the metadata properties that are expected to describe datasets and linksets; detailing the creation and publication of the dataset. Details of…

W3C Provenance Recommendations are published

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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published the PROV Family of Documents as recommendations. PROV defines how to interchange provenance information between systems and has been developed with significant support from Open PHACTS. For more information see the W3C announcement, interview and a specifications overview.

Open PHACTS guidelines

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We now have two sets of public guidelines about Open PHACTS for data providers. Guidelines on exposing data as RDF in Open PHACTS. These guidelines are a “how to” guide for data providers who want to expose their data as RDF in the Open PHACTS platform. Dataset Description for the Open Pharmacological Space…

Open PHACTS releases first nanopublication guidelines

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The Open PHACTS consortium has put together a set of guidelines on nanopublications. A nanopublication is the smallest unit of publishable information: an assertion about anything that can be uniquely identified and attributed to its author. The Open PHACTS project plans to use nanopublications in its Open Pharmacological Space (OPS)…

Press Release: Open PHACTS releases nanopublication guidelines

(PDF) Aims & Scope of this Guidelines This document outlines the relationship between the Open PHACTS System (OPS, see and a semantic data model called nanopublications. The primary aim is to define the format and organisation of nanopublications suitable for inclusion in OPS. This document also clarifies the relationship…