Datathon: Loading data into Open PHACTS

Interested in running an Open PHACTS environment for your own company or institution? Or in improving the linked open data in the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform?

Introducing Open PHACTS Datathons, a new series of free webinars that will cover everything you need to know about updating or adding to the structured data the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform is built on. Sign up for our first Datathon today:

Datathon #1: Loading data into Open PHACTS
Date: 28 July, 2016
Time: 15:00 BST
Registration: Free – register now

This Datathon will focus on updating existing sources in Open PHACTS with no change in source schema, for example ChEMBL and UniProt. We will be sharing the knowledge and experience of Open PHACTS to help you understand how to load data like these into Open PHACTS for a variety of use cases.

By the end of this Datathon you will understand how to load similar data sources into your own Open PHACTS environment, or indeed into the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform itself. We look forward to seeing you there!