Publication: The Pharmacology Workspace: A Platform for Drug Discovery

We present the Open PHACTS linked data platform that is being developed to address a set of example drug discovery research questions and which supports several drug discovery applications. The platform retrieves data from many complementary, but overlapping, data sources to present an integrated view of the data. The platform exploits two entity resolution services: respectively for transforming text and chemical structures to a concept. The single concept URI provided by the resolution service is then expanded to a set of equivalent URIs used by the data sources.

Alasdair J. G. Gray, Sune Askjaer, Christian Brenninkmeijer, Kees Burger, Christine Chichester, James Eales, Chris T. Evelo, Carole Goble, Paul Groth, Lee Harland, Antonis Loizou, Steve Pettifer, Rishi Ramgolam, Mark Thompson, Andra Waagmeester, Antony J. Williams

Full publication: Demonstration Paper for ICBO 2012, 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Ontology, Austria, July 21–25 2012