Publication: Provenance: An Introduction to PROV

The World Wide Web is now deeply intertwined with our lives, and has become a catalyst for a data deluge, making vast amounts of data available online, at a click of a button. With Web 2.0, users are no longer passive consumers, but active publishers and curators of data. Hence, from science to food manufacturing, Read more about Publication: Provenance: An Introduction to PROV[…]

Open PHACTS and W3C Provenance

Making sure that we can properly track and present the provenance of the data used in the Open PHACTS platform (i.e. where and whom it came from) is key to the vision of the project. To help ensure this information is open and can be exchanged in a standard and interoperable way, the Open PHACTS team Read more about Open PHACTS and W3C Provenance[…]