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The Open PHACTS Foundation

The Foundation is registered as a company (no. 08548291) and charity (no. 1160959) in the United Kingdom. Full details about the management and goals of the Foundation are outlined in our governing document:

Open PHACTS data guidelines

These guidelines outline the specifications and standards adopted by Open PHACTS for integration of data. They are intended for data providers who want to expose their data to the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.

Open PHACTS has also worked with the Concept Web Alliance to develop a set of Nanopublication Guidelines which describes the structure of nanopublications and offers guidelines in their composition, implementation and use.

Key papers

To cite the Open PHACTS project:

Williams A. J., Harland L., Groth P. et al.: Open PHACTS: Semantic interoperability for drug discovery. Drug Discovery Today, Vol 17, Issues 21–22, 2012, pp. 1188-98

To cite the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform:

Gray A., Groth P., Loizou A. et al.: Applying Linked Data Approaches to Pharmacology: Architectural Decisions and Implementation. Semantic Web, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2014, pp. 101-103 

The Open PHACTS project

For documentation relating to the IMI Open PHACTS project, see History of the Open PHACTS project.