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In addition to building the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, the Open PHACTS project has contributed directly to a broad range of other initiatives making important contributions to life sciences. Some examples include:



ApiNATOMY Novel anatomical data navigation system Development of pharmacology connected data
BridgeDb Biomedical identifier mapping service Creating an extensible approach and framework to map existing and new database identifiers, supporting data integration
ChEMBL Open drug discovery platform Working with ChEMBL to create RDF with proven interoperability, now adopted as routine RDF output
Chemical Validation and Standardization Platform (CVSP) Chemical structure validation system Building a workflow and platform to validate and standardize compound collections – ensuring quality and interoperability
ConceptWiki Unified biomedical terminology system Rebuilding the ConceptWiki to support an extensible frameworks for names, synonyms and identifiers
Dataset Descriptors Open standard for describing dataset metadata & provenance Enhancing existing standards
DisGeNET Open database of gene-disease relationships Working with DisGeNET to create RDF with proven interoperability Provide standard compliant, persistent URIs for scientific data Creating new sets of persistent URIs to expand coverage of pharmacological and chemical data
Identity Mapping System (IMS) Biomedical identifier mapping service Creating a flexible and extensible approach, and an operational service, to map the identifiers across scientific data collections enabling a single integrated view
jQUDT Java library for Quantities, Units, Dimensions, Types ontology Building on existing standards, extending applicability of QUDT to deal with quantitative pharmacological data
neXtProt Open protein information database Working with neXtProt to create RDF with proven interoperability
Utopia Novel scientific PDF viewer Development of chemistry-centric features within this advanced document viewer
W3C-PROV Ontology Open core ontology for provenance on the semantic web Funding key contributors & use case contributions, developing this standard hand-in-hand with provenance challenges within the project
WikiPathways Open molecular pathways platform Working with WikiPathways to create RDF with proven interoperability.

If you are as excited as us about the opportunities that the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform offers please contact us to get involved!