What We Do

The Open PHACTS Foundation’s main focus as a charity is sustaining the continued development and operation of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, but we also contribute to many other initiatives in the field of life science.

The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform

The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform integrates pharmacological data from multiple publicly-available databases into a vast linked data resource, and provides tools and services to interact with that data. This open infrastructure helps reduce barriers to drug discovery in industry, academia, and small business alike. For more information about the data in Open PHACTS, see our information for researchers.

Open PHACTS Explorer


The Open PHACTS Explorer was built with researchers’ specific needs in mind, and provides an intuitive way to browse and query all of the data integrated in the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.

Open PHACTS Explorer »

Open PHACTS Apps

The Open PHACTS scientific community has developed a variety of applications that make use of Open PHACTS to help streamline drug discovery.

Open PHACTS Apps »



The Open PHACTS Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers and third-party apps to directly query the data within the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform.


Open Distribution


Many aspects of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform are free to distribute openly, and can be downloaded from our GitHub repository.

Open PHACTS on GitHub »

Project Partnership

The Open PHACTS Foundation is always interested in partnering with projects to build better solutions to the challenges facing life sciences research. At the moment we are funded partners in two Horizon 2020 projects:

  • Big Data Europe, a project aiming to design and implement ICT infrastructure to support large-scale semantically-interoperable data that will help to solve Europe’s key societal challenges.
  • EU-ToxRisk, a project dedicated to developing mechanism-based toxicity testing and risk assessment to move towards more efficient and animal-free chemical safety assessment.

Community Involvement

The Open PHACTS Foundation exists to help the life science community. We hold regular community workshops for people to learn more about Open PHACTS, contribute ideas, and help us understand the challenges currently facing life science researchers. For information about past and upcoming Open PHACTS events, see our events page or sign up for the Open PHACTS Foundation newsletter.

Research and Publications

Much of the groundbreaking work done to develop the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform has been published in peer-reviewed journals. For an introduction and overview of what Open PHACTS has achieved, we recommend Paul Groth’s blog post, Open PHACTS –  a story through publications. You can find a complete list of Open PHACTS publications on our research outputs page.

Supporting Other Initiatives

In addition to applications and the API, the Open PHACTS project has contributed directly to a broad range of other initiatives making important contributions to life sciences.

If you are excited as we are about the opportunities that the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform offers please don’t hesitate to contact us to get involved!