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Open PHACTS API 1.3 released

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Open PHACTS API 1.3 released

On January 24, 2014, Posted by , In News, By , , With Comments Off on Open PHACTS API 1.3 released

We are excited to release the Open PHACTS API 1.3. Among the features are:

  • Over 2,900 million triples
  • New compound API calls: drug type (approved, experimental)
  • New pharmacology API calls: pChEMBL, assay type, generic name, literature DOI/PMID, target type and component
  • New target info API calls: ChEMBL URIs, UniProt protein-protein interactions, IntAct, ChEMBL target component description
  • New pathway API calls: URIs, description, organism, pathway participants
  • New target info data sources: WikiPathways, Pathway Ontology concepts, UniParc, GOA update, IntAct
  • New compound info data sources: OPS chemical registration system (OCRS), ChEMBL_16
  • New compound /target class data sources: GeneOntology compound and target classification, ChEMBL target classification
  • Conversion of InChI, InChIKey, SMILES to OCRS URIs
  • Relevance scoring for structures
  • Enhanced visualisation: hierarchy data by hierarchy structure, mappings between URLs, VoID

The release notes can be found here.

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