Announcing Open PHACTS Workshop at EuroQSAR 2012

EuroQSAR 2012 in Vienna
Open PHACTS Workshop “Introducing Open PHACTS”
Thursday 30 August, 13:30-14:45
Presenters : L. Harland, P. Groth, C. Lemmen, L. Wich, J. Mestres, V. de la Torre

This workshop will publicly present the first results of the IMI project Open PHACTS, which is producing an open, integrated and sustainable knowledge resource for drug discovery.

In this workshop we will present a number of ways to access the Open PHACTS platform, including a web based interface, in order to demonstrate the usefulness of the knowledge resources produced by the consortium to answer relevant research questions. We will also show a variety of exemplar applications that represent specialised interfaces developed on top of the knowledge resources for addressing specific needs in the field of drug discovery.

Most of the presentations will include live demos of the diverse software mentioned above.