5th Community Workshop: Shaping the future of Open PHACTS

The Open PHACTS data integration project has achieved much since 2011, and the sustainability of the service and future scientific community development are the primary subject of this meeting.

To this end, the not-for-profit successor organisation for the Open PHACTS project, the Open PHACTS Foundation, has recently been established. We are currently engaging with interested partners to become involved in the Foundation as members and to help steer the research and development roadmap.

The 5th Open PHACTS Community Workshop, “Shaping the Future of Open PHACTS”, will discuss our plans for the Open PHACTS Foundation. The workshop will outline the scientific and financial benefits offered by the Open PHACTS infrastructure and will detail how to get involved in the governance and research direction of the Foundation.

At the workshop in Amsterdam, 10–11 October 2013, we would like to discuss how the Foundation can help you address your business needs. Please take a look at the agenda, and register your interest by emailing amsterdam@openphactsfoundation.org.